Single Responsibility Principle (SRP) A component should have only one reason to change, meaning it should have only one job. Example: User Profile Component Do: Split responsibilities into smaller, functional components. // UserProfile.js const UserProfile = ({

Large Language Models (LLMs) caused a huge stir in the creative circles when they were able to generate images, text and code. Initially the results were quite hilarious with drawings of people with messed up hands, hallucinating incorrect

Reducing JavaScript is a critical aspect of developing modern websites and a key aspect in terms of overall page efficiency. As software engineering evolves, there is always a push for faster, more efficient sites with an overall

Password policies play a critical role in our digital lives, safeguarding financial data, personal emails, and business information. Despite their importance, we often overlook this fundamental aspect of digital security. Weak passwords are like an open invitation

There are tons of practical libraries, helpers, and other useful things for front-end and full-stack developers. These tools span numerous categories, including JavaScript libraries and utilities, web frameworks, CSS generators, database tools, React components, CLI tools, and

Adopting a mobile-friendly strategy for your business website could be the key to unlocking more conversions in 2023. If you’re a small business owner, you need to understand that your target audience wants access to your website

We started developing React React-based front-ui. It was all good during development. Beta Testing exposed a common problem: initial pages were taking a considerable amount of time to load. The front microservice pattern was followed (using module federation), and