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  • Effortless and Secure File Transfer Using SSHJ

SSHJ is a powerful open-source Java library designed to simplify secure communication using the SSH protocol. It provides functionalities for tasks like:

  • Secure File Transfer: Upload, download, and manage files on remote servers using SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol).
  • Remote Shell Access: Execute commands on remote machines through a secure shell session.
  • Secure Tunneling: Create encrypted tunnels for secure data transfer between applications.
  • SFTP: This is the recommended approach for secure file transfer within SSHJ. It allows you to manage files and directories on the remote server using familiar commands like put and get.
  • FTP over SSH: While less secure than SFTP, SSHJ can also facilitate file transfers using the traditional FTP protocol over an SSH connection. This provides a layer of encryption on top of the standard FTP protocol.
  • SFTP with Private Key Authentication: For increased security and automation, SSHJ allows you to authenticate with the remote server using a private key instead of a password. This eliminates the need for manual password entry and is ideal for scripting or automated tasks.

The SSHJ project website provides comprehensive documentation and examples to get you started: SSHJ. There are also several online resources and tutorials available that delve deeper into specific use cases and code examples. e.g Java SFTP integration using SSHJ and SSHJ library introduction.

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