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1. Pattern Matching for Switch (JEP 420): Java 21 introduces Pattern Matching for Switch statements, enhancing the expressiveness and readability of code. With this feature, switch expressions can destructure and match patterns, making code more concise and eliminating boilerplate.

2. Enhanced Foreign Function and Memory API (JEP 419): Java 21 brings enhancements to the Foreign Function and Memory API, simplifying interactions with native code and improving performance. Developers can seamlessly integrate non-Java libraries and leverage native memory more efficiently.

3. New Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) API (JEP 398): Java 21 introduces a new Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) API, providing native support for secure communication over datagram transport protocols. This enables developers to build robust and secure network applications with ease.

4. New Stream API Improvements: Java 21 includes enhancements to the Stream API, offering new methods and functionalities for stream processing. These improvements streamline data manipulation and enable more concise and expressive code.

5. Project Loom Early-Access Build: While not part of the official Java 21 release, developers can explore the Early-Access Build of Project Loom in Java 21. Project Loom aims to simplify concurrency with lightweight, user-mode threads (fibers), revolutionizing how developers write concurrent code in Java.

Stay Updated and Explore Java 21: Java 21 brings exciting new features and improvements, empowering developers to build robust, efficient, and secure applications. Stay tuned for further updates and explore the latest enhancements in Java 21 to elevate your Java development experience! 🌟💻 #Java21 #Programming #SoftwareDevelopment #Java #TechUpdates
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