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In a groundbreaking move, JetBrains, a renowned developer of integrated development environments (IDEs), has introduced full-line code autocompletion powered by locally run AI models. This innovative feature, rolled out with the 2024.1 versions of JetBrains’ IDEs, represents a significant leap forward in streamlining the coding process across various programming languages. Let’s delve into the details of this transformative development and its implications for developers worldwide.

Enhancing the Coding Experience:

JetBrains’ full-line code autocompletion brings a new level of efficiency and convenience to the coding experience. By leveraging locally run AI models, JetBrains IDEs offer seamless and intelligent code completion for Java, Kotlin, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, PHP, Go, and Ruby. Gone are the days of laborious manual coding – developers can now rely on AI-powered suggestions to expedite their workflow and reduce the likelihood of syntax errors.

Empowering Developers:

The April 4 launch of full-line code autocompletion marks a pivotal moment for JetBrains and its community of developers. With this feature, JetBrains IDEs provide a seamless, full-line code completion experience, ensuring that data processing and analysis occur directly on the user’s device. This not only enhances privacy and security but also delivers lightning-fast code completion with minimal latency. Developers can now focus more on crafting innovative solutions and less on mundane coding tasks.

Expanding Language Support:

JetBrains’ commitment to empowering developers extends beyond the initial rollout of full-line code autocompletion. In the coming months, the company plans to expand language support to include C#, Rust, and C++ across all JetBrains IDEs supporting these languages. This expansion underscores JetBrains’ dedication to catering to the diverse needs of developers and fostering innovation within the coding community.

Feature-Rich IDEs:

Beyond full-line code autocompletion, the 2024.1 versions of JetBrains IDEs introduce a plethora of additional features to enhance the coding experience further. From an overhauled terminal with visual and functional enhancements to language-specific updates such as support for Java 22 in IntelliJ IDEA and improved data flow analysis in GoLand, JetBrains IDEs offer a comprehensive toolkit for developers to unleash their creativity and productivity.

Complementary Tools and Support:

To complement full-line code autocompletion, JetBrains offers a range of supplementary tools and support services. The JetBrains AI Assistant, available as a separate plugin and subscription, enables autocomplete for entire code blocks, along with features like improved test generation and cloud code completion. With these tools at their disposal, developers can elevate their coding prowess and tackle complex challenges with confidence.


JetBrains’ introduction of full-line code autocompletion represents a significant milestone in the evolution of coding efficiency. By harnessing the power of AI to streamline the coding process, JetBrains empowers developers to push the boundaries of innovation and creativity. As developers embrace these advancements, the future of software development shines brighter than ever before, fueled by the relentless pursuit of excellence and efficiency in coding.

By Asif Raza

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