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The software development landscape in 2024 is in for a massive overhaul. It will bear little resemblance to the practices and tools we have accustomed to over the past decade.

We’re entering an era of incredibly advanced artificial intelligence, automation that can rival human capabilities, and evolved cloud infrastructures tailored for specific industry needs (industry cloud platforms). The definition of what constitutes a “developer” may also shift as low-code/no-code development plays an increasingly prominent role in democratizing app building and fostering the emergence of ‘citizen developers.’

In this dynamic environment ripe for innovation and change, staying informed and proactive is not just advantageous– it’s crucial. These impactful trends will significantly influence business and technology decisions for years to come. Moreover, with software market revenue expected to reach US$698.80 billion in 2024, the stakes are higher.


Embracing these trends opens doors to unprecedented possibilities, letting you remain agile, forward-thinking, and ready to adapt to transformative advancements. However, to leverage these trends effectively, organizations must evaluate their potential impact and benefits relative to their specific situation and business goals.

By incorporating these trends strategically, businesses can enhance resilience, maximize data value, drive growth, and accelerate digital business.

By Asif Raza

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