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  • Refactor and Rewrite with Ease: OpenRewrite Now Integrated in IntelliJ IDEA
  • Effortless Refactoring: Leverage OpenRewrite’s recipes directly within the IDE to perform common refactorings, such as migrating from Java 8 to Java 17 syntax or converting imperative code to functional constructs.
  • Simplified Code Modernization: Breathe new life into your legacy codebase. OpenRewrite’s recipes can assist in modernizing code to align with current best practices and framework versions.
  • Streamlined Migrations: Apprehensive about tackling complex migrations, such as upgrading Spring Boot versions? OpenRewrite’s automation capabilities can significantly ease the burden, guiding you through the process efficiently.
  • Enhanced Code Quality: Maintain a clean and consistent codebase with OpenRewrite’s assistance. Enforce coding standards and eliminate repetitive patterns, leading to more maintainable and readable code.

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