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1. RequirementAnalysis -All key stakeholders of the project discuss the client requirements in detail and streamline them

2. TestPlanning – In this phase, the test strategy is detailed as a test plan document. This includes a set of tools needed, a testing approach, and the resources required for completing the testing.

3. TestDesign – In this phase, scenarios and test cases are created in detail. Every individual case should have clear steps, required test data, and expected results.

4. EnvironmentSetup -In this phase, the setup required for testing like tools and things will be made ready as well and the environments that are allocated for testing will be configured and applications will be deployed into them.

5. TestExecution – In this phase, all defined test scenarios and cases will be executed and validate the functionality of the application in all possible ways. Here expected test results will be compared to actual results.

6. TestClosure – Here a test result report will be prepared. The report should contain a summary of the complete testing process.


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