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Use this Super Simple Template to Learn How to Implement CI/CD in Your Agile Team.

Often, I see confusion surrounding the integration of Agile Development with a CI/CD pipeline.

This illustration isn’t merely a CI/CD workflow, but an agile development process harmoniously intertwined with CI/CD flow. It is just a baseline diagram and the tools/technology used here are examples – feel free to replace them with equivalent tools or technology that suits your team’s preferences and requirements.

👉 Let the Product Owner kick-off by crafting engaging user stories.

👉 Have your development team spring into action, bringing these stories to life with tools like Jira/Rally.

Utilize Slack/Team, GitHub/Bitbucket/ Integration to:
• Promote transparency and collaboration.
• Enable continuous integration.
• Catch bugs early.
• Support frequent releases and continuous testing.

Harness the power of SonarQube and DevOps to:
• Conduct static code analysis.
• Trigger builds.
• Provide insightful feedback.

Implement Unit Tests and Code Coverage with JaCoCo and JUnit:
• Use Jenkins and Maven for build and deployment.
• Strive for 100% unit test execution success.
• Maintain at least 80% code coverage.
• Eliminate critical defects/vulnerabilities.

Master Testing and Quality Assurance by:
• Using Selenium for regression and UAT tests.
• Relying on Nexus/Artifactory for Binary Repo.

Enhance Security and Infrastructure Management:
Conduct routine security scans with Qualys.
Employ Terraform and Ansible for infrastructure management.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your software development process, CI/CD is definitely worth considering.

Here are some additional tips for implementing CI/CD:
Start small. Don’t try to implement CI/CD for your entire codebase all at once.
Start with a small project and then gradually expand your CI/CD pipeline as your needs grow.
Get buy-in from your team. CI/CD can be a big change for your team, so it’s important to get buy-in from everyone involved.

Make sure that your team understands the benefits of CI/CD and is willing to put in the effort to make it work.

Automate as much as possible. The more you can automate, the more efficient your CI/CD pipeline will be. Look for opportunities to automate manual tasks, such as building, testing, and deploying code.

Strive to reach these key milestones of automation:

🧪 Unit Test Execution Automation
🛠️ Build Automation
📈 Code Coverage Check Automation
📊 Code Quality Check Automation
🔒 Security Scanning Automation
🚀 Automated Deployments
💬 Feedback Automation to Production Teams
💾 Binary Storage Automation into Repo Manager
🏗️ Infrastructure Setup Automation

Credits: Babar Shahzad

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