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Quality assurance is a process used to learn if your product or service is up to standards, and whether you are giving customers the kind of product or service that will keep them returning. The idea is to deliver a product or service that consistently keeps up a high quality. It’s a proactive approach where defects are detected before a product or service goes public. This is vital to customer satisfaction. When customers are happy, your company is in a much better position to do well.

How Quality Assurance Works

Quality assurance is a system intended to demonstrate to company leadership and to the public that a product or service is up to standards of quality, often set by industry or regulators. It is sometimes called quality control, although quality control has more to do with the product after it’s made. Quality control became commonplace in manufacturing in the 1920s to define and control the quality of products. In the 1950s, quality assurance became important in public health and public safety.

Today, quality assurance measures the standards that go into a product or service before it goes out to the public. Quality assurance uses auditors, sometimes independent and sometimes in-house, to evaluate the methods that go into making products and providing services. When a company has a good quality assurance team, that lets corporate management, customers, regulators and government officials know that a product or service meets quality requirements.

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